The IGTP takes part in European Performance Science Night 2021

The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) has participated in a ground-breaking event to bring art and science together for European Performing Science Night with results that left nobody indifferent. The Fundació Èpica la Fura dels Baus led the project which involved artists and scientists from the IGTP and four international universities.

Three groups from the IGTP took part: The Innovation in Respiratory Infections and Tuberculosis Diagnosis group led by Dr José Dominguez; the Viral Immune Evasion and Vaccines (VIRIEVAC) research group of IrsiCaixa, led by Dr Julia García-Prado and the Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation and Cancer group, led by Dr Miguel Angel Peinado. And an intensive and exhilarating process got underway. Starting in July, the scientists presented three of the seven challenges put to the workshop team. Researchers from each group joined artists and technicians who worked intensively for two weeks to produce a performance piece using the language of the Fura dels Baus.

More info at:

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